Who We Are


The Rogers Foundation, a Nevada leader in education reform, and local and national partners, launched Educate Nevada Now (ENN) in 2015. The coalition came together to push for school finance reform and improved educational opportunities and outcomes for Nevada public school children, especially those students who are at-risk, English language learners or gifted and talented, and students with disabilities or other special needs.

Our Mission

ENN believes that every child, no matter where she or he lives or who her or his parents are, deserves a quality education. All children must have access to fair and equitable educational opportunities. The time is now for all of us to come together to ensure Nevada children have the tools and resources necessary to achieve their goals.

ENN aims to turn the tide of years of neglect of Nevada’s public schools. Nevada consistently ranks among the lowest-performing states when it comes to providing educational opportunities that prepare students for post-secondary education, productive employment, and active and informed civic participation. Nevada’s public schools also rank among the most poorly funded in the nation. Nevada’s K-12 education system is in crisis and in need of major reform, a condition recognized by lawmakers, business and community leaders, and parents and students.

Through thoughtful policy development, community and media outreach, litigation support, and critical research and analysis, ENN has initiated a statewide campaign for the change our children need and deserve.
The Rogers Foundation is enlisting the support of all Nevadans to ensure our State meets its constitutional obligation to children.