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October 1, 2016   |   Studies & Reports
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Report of Per Pupil Expenditures and Recommendations for Legislation

On October 1, 2016, the State Superintendent issued recommendations, pursuant SB 508, related to modernizing the Nevada Plan and transitioning to weighted funding for special education, English Language Learners, GATE, and at-risk students. However, the recommendations fell short of the K-12 Task Force on Public Education Funding’s recommendations.

Studies & Reports
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Professional Judgment Study Report

A 2015 update to the 2006 APA report studying the adequacy of Nevada’s education funding system, determining what resources are necessary for students to succeed.

Studies & Reports, Research Documents
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School teacher salary comparisons

Many low-income schools are forced to budget and pay for teachers based on “average” teacher salaries, but actually tend to have more novice, less experienced teachers. The discrepancies found in comparing actual teacher salaries in Title I versus non-Title one schools are stark, especially in the schools are highlighted in this document. .

October 26, 2017   |   Legislation
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Comment to Agenda Item #6 (reorg) SBOE 10.26.17

ENN comment to SBOE agenda item #6 (reorg) with recommendations to draft regulations to include addressing leadership capacity and training, evaluation process of SOT's, protecting ELL and Special Ed civil rights and inequitable distribution of teacher talent.