July 12, 2018   |   Blog
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ENN recommends big changes to school funding as part of Fund Our Future Nevada

Educate Nevada Now is a founding partner of Fund Our Future Nevada, a statewide coalition of parents, educators, students, organizations, and individuals dedicated to ensuring every child has the resources necessary to succeed in our schools.   Formed in February of 2018, the coalition has already gained traction.  Hundreds have joined the effort at FundOurFutureNV.com […]

April 26, 2017   |   Blog
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Voucher/ESA Roundup

How vouchers and ESAs are fairing and failing in other states   ESA vouchers continue to be a hot topic throughout the entire nation, not just in Nevada. As the Silver State continues to consider jumping on the voucher bandwagon with one of the least accountable programs in the nation, SB 506, the country is […]

April 20, 2017   |   Blog
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Where the education bills stand

A quick update on the education bills we’ve been monitoring   On the heels of the holiday weekend, our legislators were up in Carson City working hard to meet deadline day.  Last Friday was the day on which bills have to come out of committee, or die.  In the next  few days, the bills that […]

March 31, 2017   |   Blog
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Support our students in 1- and 2-Star Schools

We’ve all seen the image of the kids who can’t see over a fence and are provided a box to stand on. The box is still not enough of a boost for some of the kids to see. This highlights the importance of equitable school funding. The solution? Give kids the help they need to […]

November 21, 2016   |   Blog
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A Valuable Education Begins With Preschool

There are few investments with greater returns for our children, families, communities, and our state’s economy than high quality early education.  With the 2017 Legislative Session fast approaching, lawmakers must be sure to include preschool funding as a top priority.  The benefits of investing in quality preschool programs are too important for Nevada to pass […]