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Who We Are

In 2015, The Rogers Foundation, a Nevada leader in education reform, along with local and national partners, launched Educate Nevada Now!, a multi-year campaign aimed at securing school finance reform and improving education outcomes and opportunities for Nevada public school children, especially those children who are at-risk, English language learners, and students with disabilities and other special needs.

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The Issues

Nevada consistently ranks among the lowest performing states in providing educational opportunities that prepare students for productive employment, post-secondary education, and active civic participation. Decades in the making, Nevada’s K-12 education system is in crisis and in need of major reform, a condition recognized by lawmakers, business and community leaders, and parents and students.

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Get Involved

Become informed and engaged in the need for school funding reform. Join the campaign. Ask your friends, neighbors, fellow parents and students to join the campaign. If you are involved in a community organization, parent teacher association, or education organization, ENN! needs your active participation. You can also make a tax deductible contribution.

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What's Holding Our Children Back?



Nevada schools are grossly underfunded, and have been for decades. This underfunding deprives our schools of the resources that they need and is a major reason for low student outcomes. The neediest students, with the least resources at home, suffer the most because the Legislature has failed to modernize education finance. The Nevada Plan must be scrapped and a new formula put in place. Governor Brian Sandoval and legislative leaders acknowledge that Nevada’s school funding formula is outdated and inadequate, and must be changed. And even if the funding formula were changed today, the consequences of decades of failures as a result of the formula, will continue to be felt for decades to come.

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Governor Brian Sandoval made clear in his 2015 State of the State address that Nevada’s public schools are not meeting the needs of our students. The Governor identified Nevada’s failure to reform how we fund public education as a main reason why students are not succeeding in school. Our school funding formula – the Nevada Plan – was adopted in 1967 when Nevada was predominately rural and sparsely populated. Today, Nevada is more populous, diverse, and urban, with a vibrant, global economy.

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The Budget

During the 2015 Legislative Sessions Governor Sandoval called upon a panel of state lawmakers to pass a tax bill that would raise $438 million for education in the next two years. This proposal showed significant political courage and moves the State in the right direction. However, it does not put Nevada per pupil spending on par with pre-recession levels.

Nevada will have to increase per pupil funding by at least $3,500 per student to adequately fund education, according to an update of the Legislature’s commissioned cost study published in January 2015.

Budget Overview

ENN’s Campaign Will:

Ensure that members of the legislature...

 have a thorough understanding of how education is funded, the amount needed for students to succeed, and the need for an overhaul.

Enlist and develop bi-partisan champions...

 for reform inside and outside the State capital.

Advise legislators on the true costs of educating...

 Nevada’s students by updating the legislature’s own 2006 study on education funding.

Build broad-based citizen engagement and support...

 for the campaign to ensure and sustain its success.

Partners for Educate Nevada Now!


The Rogers Foundation

The Rogers Foundation transforms lives through arts and education by offering opportunities to students in Southern Nevada through scholarships, programs, grants, and other activities.


The Education Law Center

ELC is one of the most effective advocates for equal educational opportunity and education justice in the United States.

Quick Facts

Our school funding formula – the Nevada Plan – was adopted in 1967 when Nevada was predominately rural and sparsely populated. Today, Nevada is more populous, diverse, and urban, with a vibrant, global economy.

About ENN

Educate Nevada Now! (ENN) is a non-partisan coalition of education stakeholders whose mission is to bring equity to the distribution of Nevada State educational funding. ENN’s membership is comprised of education groups, teachers, community organizations, parents, and students across the State. The reform of the State education funding will ensure that all of Nevada’s children receive the same educational opportunities regardless of location or wealth of the community.